168 x 57 cm

Floats, rope.

  • Description of the work

    The work Rosary is part of the Dons de la mer collection . It questions the artist's observation in the face of the abundance of rejections from holidaymakers and fishermen visible on the outskirts of the Ionian coast.

    It was in 2020, when he arrived in Puglia, a region of southern Italy, that François Xavier Laloi produced this piece with the idea of harvesting this raw material constantly renewed by the winds and thus forming a collaboration. close with the Mediterranean "Mother".

    Because yes, the artist likes to imagine a poetry around the personification of this sea. She brings to him, with the sandstone of the winds, these rejects having a value so particular in his eyes and that he therefore wishes to sanctify in this work, under features of an iconic religious symbol.

    This is a unique piece produced in 1 single copy.

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