Notched - sutured

Notched - sutured


142 x 110 cm
Skai, jute twine.

  • Description of the work

    The work Notched - sutured   is part of the Sutures collection. It questions a desire to sanctify the artist's works, an animism of the material, which becomes precious when it becomes part of the art market and takes on an inestimable value.

    According to the artist, the work and the material can then be positioned at the same level as a living species.

    In 2019, François Xavier Laloi produced this piece with the idea of deliberately accidenting the material by a third person in order, subsequently, to provide it with care in the manner of a surgeon.

    This is a unique piece produced in 1 single copy.

    Comes with certificate of authenticity.

    Shipped within 5 to 10 working days (Delivery with insurance).

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