Porto Pirrone

Porto Pirrone


135 x 63 cm

Ropes, nets.

  • Description of the work

    Porto Pirrone is part of the Gifts of the sea collection . It questions the artist's observation in the face of the abundance of rejections from holidaymakers and fishermen visible on the outskirts of the Ionian coast.

    It was in 2021 that François Xavier Laloi produced this work, with the idea of collecting and assembling different elements from a single area, Porto PIrrone .

    From a net, the artist seeks to interweave the strings in order to fill all the mailes of the net like a large-format embroidery.

    Once again, the artist was satisfied with objects found in one and the same place to create this unique composition, as if imposed by the sea.

    This is a unique piece produced in 1 single copy.

    Comes with certificate of authenticity.

    Shipped within 5 to 10 working days (Delivery with insurance).