Stone up

Stone up


180 x 42 cm

Cherry wood, bituminous tar, slate.

Private commission, Chinon (Indre et Loire).

  • Description of the work

    The in-situ work Stone Up is part of the Before I was a tree collection . This is a private commission from a private individual in Touraine, who wanted the atiste to create a work of art for him from a cherry tree trunk that he had, despite himself, had to cut down because of disease. In spite of this, this tree had seen three generations pass by. Lying on the ground, nature had already operated its process, it was starting to become humus and something had to be done with it.

    In 2019, during these trips, the artist immediately noticed that Touraine and Chinonais were full of many historical vestiges, in particular these few menhirs (from Breton mean "stone" and yesterday "long" or "standing stone ”) That still populate the region. Having crossed the centuries, they are, according to the artist, the first sculptures erected by man. As for their primary function, it still raises many questions. So he wanted to establish a link with that, to erect a stone vertically is to bring it back to life.

    The first idea was to change wood into stone to make it fossil. Thus in the state of sculpture, it will give it a second breath, a new life, armed against the tests of time to begin a second journey.

    It turned out that for many years, there had been at the bottom of this garden a mound used to burn organic waste when the time came. A heap of ashes which inevitably had become earth again. Nature operated its usual process, having gained the upper hand, a flora was implanted on the surface.

    Undoubtedly for the artist, this artificial base was the ideal and strategic location to erect the sculpture. Positioned on the edge of a crossroads, visibility for passers-by is possible, with the desire that it arouses questions and questions among them.

    Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, this log, which has become a sculptural menhir, has been erected on this artificial plinth, thus being able to come back to life and begin its new cycle. Thus ends and begins a new act.

    This is a unique in-situ piece produced in only one copy.