Three failed costs

Three failed costs


98 x 70 cm

Photographs © Marie Applagnat during the Super / Surface exhibition at the Center d'art contemporain de Nîmes in January 2019.

  • Description of the work

    The work Trois frais ratés is part of the Lances-Pierres collection . This work questions energy and impact. It reflects the observation of a certain inner violence of the artist, a need to let off steam by practicing a shooting sport. Here, the artist chooses a slingshot which, according to him, refers to a figure of childhood and of a toy.

    It was in 2018 that François Xavier Laloi produced this piece with the intention of creating an element that becomes sculpture, by definition, by removing material. A transformation process that takes place only from a distance, a game in which the artist lets himself be guided by a slingshot which becomes the design tool for his sculptures.

    This is a unique piece produced in 1 single copy.