Water holidays

Water holidays


110 x 95 cm

Various inflatable objects, tightening strap, netting.

  • Description of the work

    The work Vacances à l'eau is part of the Dons de la mer collection . It questions the artist's observation in the face of the abundance of rejections from holidaymakers and fishermen visible on the outskirts of the Ionian coast.

    In 2021, François Xavier Laloi produced this piece from an imaginary thought. That of people on vacation, seeing their pneumatic objects carried away by the waves and which subsequently ran aground on the shore.

    For the artist, it is as if the sea had stolen them from these people to offer him later, to give him the breath of each of these vacationers that he can incorporate into this work.

    The use of the strap to bind these elements is for its part, a definite reference to the action of strapping the suitcases on the roof of a car, on the day of going on vacation.

    This is a unique piece produced in 1 single copy.

    Comes with certificate of authenticity.

    Shipped within 5 to 10 working days (Delivery with insurance).